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  1. 1. Are you a trader or manufacturer?

We are both. We have our main factory located in Quanzhou, and have a sub-factory located in

Dongguan and headquarter in Fuzhou.


  1. 2. What’s your main product?

Backpack series, outdoor bag series, Luggage series, Business bag series, handbags series and

so on. We also design and manufacture all kinds of bags for customized requirements. 


  1. 3. What is your delivery time?

It depends on your order style and quantity, about 20- 50 days accordingly.


  1. 4. Can I request  samples?

We are glad to provide up to 2 samples if we have on stock, based upon availability. 

  1. 5. How can you ensure the quality inspection?

We have experienced and strictly inspect QC and IQC team

  1. 6. Can you accept OEM or ODM?

We are the OEM and ODM factory more than 10 years experience for luggage and bags.

How do you control quality?

Quality is always the top Matter for us.  

By years manufacturing experience, we manage and oversee every step of the manufacturing
of our product through our 5QC (Quality Control) System. No cut corners, no compromises. 

Our Concept is:

Quality products = Selected Materials + Strict Quality Craftsmanship (we have the stable,
well-trained workers) +  Inline QC (at each production line to check the quality during on
the manufacturing spot, any found problems would be solved promptly) + Inspection Tools/
Instruments  (Pantone Book, Colorimeter, Thickness gauge, Metal detector,Tensionmeter,  
UPC code scanner)
Stage QC Carried Out Contents Standard
1QC is done when the materials (Main Materials and Accessories) sent to our warehouse from the suppliers; Check if the color is correct as ordered, fastness, thickness (applied for textile, PVC, leather); 
Check if the accessories is strong enough, color, size etc. (applied for buckle, metal accessories, imprint, etc.)  
2QC is done when the materials are cut into pcs before moving to sewing workshop; check if each patch/cutting is correctly sized. Random
3QC is done during the sewing stage; make sure the bags are correctly joint, and nicedly sewn. 100%
4QC is done before packing into polybag and carton;   Check each bags if bags are clean, sewing thread ends are neat, trimmed etc. 100%
5QC is done by experienced QC people before they are shipped! Comparing and checking all points again all the clients rerquirements (like shipping market, strongness of bags, clean and neat)  Random